We use Markilux 37, 35


  • Hardwearing
  • Retains pigment
  • 100% waterproof
  • Maintains shape
  • Treated to prevent rotting and attack from insects and bacteria.

Water leaks:

The canvas is 100% waterproof. When the canopy is new it is possible that water can leak through at the seam the first time it rains. This is because the needle is thicker than the thread, usually after exposure to rain the thread swells and the canopy becomes watertight. Take precautions and protect instruments and cushions during the first rain.

Contact us if the leakage persists. The canopy should be waterproof!


UV-stabilized clear plastic. The windows do age due to UV rays, air pollution and effects of low temperatures. If the stainless steel frame is in contact with the window this can cause discolouring, this can be avoided by using distance clips.


The zips are made from Delrin plastic. The zip is covered by cloth to give longer life. Lubricate the zip with candle wax once a year.

The Frame:

The stainless steel frame should be polished with Autosol or similar product once a year. Tubing made from aluminium requires no maintenance.