Service tips​


When washing your canvas use lukewarm freshwater max. 30c and use a sponge or soft brush when applying the soap/washing agent, don´t forget to wash the underside of the cover. Rinse thoroughly until all the soap is gone, you can use 12% vinegar in the last rinse to neutralise the remains of the soap/washing agent. Washing should be done every autumn plus a couple of times during the season.


Microorganisms develop when moisture, dirt and warmth are present under a long period. To avoid this it is necessary to make sure that there is always good ventilation under the canvas and that it is washed regularly and stored dry.

Washing Agent

We recommend Ship-Shape when cleaning your canvas, it is effective against mould and doesn´t damage the waterproof impregnation of your canvas.


We recommend that you remove the canvas from the boat during the winter otherwise this increases wear and tear and allows mould to develop. When removing the canvas from the frames check for any damage and repair where necessary. Make sure that the canvas is dry and stored in a dry environment at room temperature.